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May. 4th, 2011 08:00 pm
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comments, concerns, anything about how i play this idiot? leave it all here.
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Hey, it's Joker.

Obviously, I'm not here.

You know what to do.

text || audio || video || action
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aka, the commander shepard from his canon. major decisions given below.

mass effect
→ paragon male shepard
→ romanced liara
→ sacrificed the council, saved the fleet
→ talked saren into suicide
→ destroyed saren's husk
→ nominated captain anderson to the council

→ convinced qui'in to testify
→ anoleis arrested
→ rachni queen released
→ destroyed the hot labs

→ aided the colonists of zhu's hope
→ rescued lizbeth
→ killed jeong
→ rescued colonists
→ killed the thorian, saved shiala
→ colony saved

→ talked urdnot wrex down
→ ashley williams sacrificed
→ kirrahe saved

mass effect 2
→ all dossiers completed, crewmembers recruited
→ all loyalty missions completed
→ defeated the shadow broker
→ destroyed the alpha relay
→ romanced tali
→ rescued everyone in the normandy's crew that had been taken (no missions completed before traveling to collector base.)
→ suicide mission completed with entire squad intact
→ destroyed infant reaper

mass effect 3
→ cured the genophage
→ allowed legion to complete the data upload, quarians called off their attack on the geth
→ geth achieved indivuality
→ shot udina instead of allowing kaidan to do so
→ aided jack and her kids at grissom academy
→ discovered the origin of the leviathans (and recruited their help in the war)
→ helped aria retake omega
→ romanced kaidan
→ lost mordin
→ lost thane
→ krogans and turians united (god finally)
→ rachni queen spared (again)
→ prothean javik found on eden prime and recruited
→ synthesis ending
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Types of sex I am OK with: oral, anal, frottage, masturbation; there is very little I am not okay with.
Kinks or practices I enjoy: biting/marking, bloodplay, light bondage, delayed gratification, foreplay in general, hot spots, general restraint, sex in public/semi-public places, sex with clothes still on, voice fetishes, etc.
Types of sex I'm not OK with: given that there isn't much I'm not okay with, it might be better just to ask me.
Kinks or practices I don't enjoy: anything involving scat or golden showers, enemas; basically anything involving bodily fluids other than saliva or semen.
Willing to write rape or dubcon?: dubcon, yes. rape, no.
Is fade to black OK?: yes.


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